CKD is not only turning into an epidemic lifestyle chronic disease due to ignorance and unawareness but In addition to this severity, we only have about 1200 Nephrologists in India to cater to this humungous population. Thus we feel that the budding generation of Nephrologists are going to make a huge difference in the field of Nephrolgy and related medicine. These students (DM/DNB) are not only the future of the healthcare industry but also for the ailing population of the country. It won’t be an exaggeration if it is said that a lot is riding on your young shoulders already.

We being a part of this industry, we strongly believe in creating a healthy world and give our best from all perspectives. Thus, we strongly believe that it is very important that the coming generation of nephrologists should receive the right assistance to strengthen their foundation and in turn the country’s future. Therefore, we have created a platform where in the budding nephrologists studying across India can get a hand of academic assistance and support from our end. We call it the “Next GenN” wherein we want to focus on the young potential Nephrologists. By creating this platform, we will be offering these budding nephrologists our support in the journey of becoming a great new generation nephrologist the society needs today. We provide them with best possible assistance including the likes of latest studies, articles or any such requirement they come across for their current education and training. We hope that we can be a good part of strengthening the foundation of your career and in turn the country’s healthy future. Looking forward to your queries. Let’s continue to create a healthy world…

ISN La Renon Research Grant

La Renon along with the Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN) offers support to a Research Initiative under which, every year, we award two Research Grants upto an amount of INR 5 lakhs per year for 2-3 years to early career nephrologists (within 5 years of obtaining a nephrology qualification) for novel research projects suited to needs of the country. The primary aim of this grant is to promote research in environments where it has not existed before.